It asserted that had fixed the fault in the network topology. (XSS stands for cross site scripting and refers to Web application errors that allow hackers to inject scripts in websites.) The failure of programming XSS exploits attacks and is believed that it was discovered by Masato Kinugawa, known on Twitter as @kinugawamasato, who on Sunday also claimed that they have discovered a similar failure in the new web interface of Twitter. the same defect seen last month, which was rediscovered in the morning and reported to Twitter from the problem that was presenting in their network marketing and network system. Additional information is available at Payoneer. Security experts have been recommending to Twitter users avoid web site and instead use a Twitter client, like TweetDeck to access the service. The use of a JavScript Blocker like NoScript for Firefox ad-on, offers protection against attacks of this kind. Original author and source of the article.

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