Human Rights

Through a historical survey on the term of office we base as it was the development to arrive until the present, and if they are carrying through what it was considered by the projects of politics you publish as in the case of the CREAS the fidedignidade to the idealized one. With the interview to the professionals and data supplied by the CREAS of the Juazeiro of the North we verify as she is to the demand regarding the children and adolescents taken care of in the same. METHODOLOGY In the present study the research of descriptive, bibliographical nature will be used as proposal metodolgica, for the attainment of data on children and adolescents who if find in street situations. According to Crevo; Bervian (2002), the exploratria research carries through necessary descriptions of the situation and looks for to discover the relations existing between the searched elements, it also affirms that this study it is recommended where has few knowledge on the problem to be studied, thus increasing the experience of the interviewer with the problem. The instrument of collection of data applied will be a questionnaire to the professionals the front of the problematic one, mainly the responsible psychologist of the CREAS and other institutions for these children and adolescents, where this questionnaire will be composed of eleven questions approaching the subject in question. At last, by means of this research we will make a search for the situation of these agencies, and its participation with the children who survive in the streets, data-collectings that contextualize these paradigms that the society has with these citizens. QUESTIONNAIRE Employee of the 1.Qual CREAS the function of the psychologist in the CREAS? 2. Until point the CREAS is responsible for the children in situation of Street? 3.Em its opinion why it has an increase of children in situation of street here in the Juazeiro of North? 4.De that way the Term of office is applied inside of the CREAS? 5.Como these rights can be guaranteed by the Social Managers? 6.A psychology together with the Human Rights has as one of the functions to diminish the psicosociopoltico suffering of the citizen, until point the work of the professionals of the CREAS has guaranteed this factor? 7.Quais the Problems are inquired when children look for o CREAS? 8.O CREAS holds all the demand of children who need a support.

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