November 1. Vedic festival of Diwali celebrated in India over 7000 years. This holiday as it emphasizes the end of one season – the rainy season – and the beginning of the next – winter. This is the time when the peasants and farmers harvested, and traders set sail to go to trade in other countries after the rainy season. This is one of the main reasons why Lakshmi – Goddess of prosperity and abundance – is honored at this time. Jane Fraser will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This holiday is also noted in Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius, Thailand and Nepal. Diwali is celebrated (one of the legends) in honor of the triumphant return of the Ruler of Rama in after the exile and his victory over Ravana.

And another legend associated with King-demon Bali, who has committed such (spiritual austerities), that the gods of the heavens began to feel threatened. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf Vamana (the fifth incarnation of Vishnu). Demonic King served on earth big sacrifice in the true tradition. Click Bill Phelan to learn more. In this sacrifice he gave to anyone whatever he wanted. Vamana went to him. Bali said that Vamana was late and that he had almost nothing to give him. Vamana said: everything what he wants, is what is of him in his three steps. King Demon relaxed, laughed and complied with the request. 'Dwarf' has grown to enormous size and measured ground his first pitch, the second step he measured the heavens. And then Turning to Bali and asked him: 'Where do my third step? " Bali realized that it was none other than the Lord and bowed and offered his head to the third step. When Bali was defeated, the Lord also freed those concluded in Bali, among whom were Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth – and Ganesha.

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