Every citizen has right to the discuss the managers of the health so that the previous principles are fulfilled. Medications supplied for the SUS. The SUS with the projects and intention to provide health to all Brazilian population, supplies of favour medicines diverse treatments, the treatment of psorase if it includes in this project, the Health department established mechanisms that allow continue it update of the National Medicamentos Relation Essenciais , that it serves of instrument for elaboration of the state and municipal lists, for the orientation of the medical lapsing, for the aiming of the productions pharmaceutical and for the scientific and technological development, helping in the pharmaceutical assistance and distribution of medicines for the SUS. The medicine list supplied for the SUS is very great, similar to supply the necessities of the population, the medicines used in the treatment of psoriasis. Mechanism of action of some medicines Cyclosporin: Figure 10: Molecurar form of the Cyclosporin Source: . y can contribute to your knowledge. The Cyclosporin that is a used medicine in the prevention the rejection of transplantados agencies, in the treatment of psorase only was approved by the FDA in 1998, after resulted gotten in the treatment of the artrite reumatide and the illness of Crohn. With the advances in the briefing of the mechanism etiopatognicos of psorase, mainly after the beginning of the use of the cyclosporin, the imunolgicas alterations of the illness had started to be studied. Thus, the cellular hiperproliferao, that was accepted as cause of the illness, passed ase understood as consequence of the inflammatory process, mediated for cells T, acts inhibiting linfcitos T auxiliary (CD4) activated, hindering the production of IL-2 and others..

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