Project company for project management to implement a project company to the bundling of the capital projects and to advance. The health force international and Marlies Laber networking GmbH set up the “global venture GmbH” in Zuberwagen in the Switzerland. Contact information is here: Robert Kiyosaki. The Foundation will be completed by mid-February. Background is the pooling of capital to finance projects and to advance. Due to the financial crisis, it has become difficult for companies and project managers to find investors. Here is the idea of the establishment of the global venture GmbH. By summarizing the individual projects and pooling of capital the company acts as a strong community compared to the Inveestoren. Various projects in the fields of healthcare, renewable energy, franchise and entertainment are cared for by the society in the future.

Shareholdings in the company are at any time, both active and passive. More information is available from February 10, 2010 on the new domain. For questions and Suggestions I am always available. With best regards Udo Luttke Chief Financial Officer (CEO) health force international global venture GmbH.

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