Leading manufacturer in the portfolio of large distributors Florstadt, September 22, 2009. The COS memory AG is expanding its product range: effective immediately, the company offers around 40 network attached storage (NAS) products. More info: Mayor Manny Diaz. At the start of the storage, COS is memory with the award-winning producers (www.synology.com) Synology and QNAP (www.qnap.com). COS memory (www.cos-memory.de) is one of the leading distributors for memory modules, Flash cards, and SSDs in Europe. Network attached storage (NAS) products are extremely versatile and offer some advantages over conventional PC-based servers.

To operate NAS compared to these quietly and consume significantly less power. While they can be at least as flexible and versatile as PC server whether as file server, FTP server, Web server, printer server, multi media station or an iTunes server, to name just a few examples. NAS are a reasonable extension or economic replacement for private users as well as for companies. More and more companies replace their existing Web or file server by NAS. Last but not least, because their software advantages, which they do user-friendly and interesting for the daily work in the company. This allows the firmware, for example, the simple control of user accounts and the dedicated file sharing.

Many other useful features that plug into the firmware 5,590 depending on the provider and model. NAS contain up to eight hard drives in a chassis. There music, video, photos, data backups and other can hold and retrieve over the network. In this way, important data can be stored centrally that the user in the network can access depending on the permission. Home place, for example, their complete music, photo and video library in the NAS and then access from any PC or laptop in the network on this data. In the area of corporate data backups or shared data on a NAS store often. Depending on the model, NAS offer RAID 0-6 support.

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