The best way to buy a Mercedes is with occasion star, since they have many exclusive offers in Mercedes cars with very special conditions. If we get closer to a Mercedes-Benz official dealer joined the occasion Star programme, find range of occasion Mercedes at very affordable prices: class A, class B, class C, E-class, S-class, class CL, class G, class GL, M-class and R-class. Today we’ll talk vehicle second-hand Mercedes more affordable and manageable family: the unmistakable silhouette of class a. class A is characterized by a pronounced inclination of the front, a dynamic curve on the line of the roof and a strong fall in behind. In the cockpit, the amplitude is combined with the exclusivity. The front and rear seats guarantee a high level of comfort to all occupants thanks to its ergonomic shape.

In addition, houses an advanced technology that helps to make driving safer and prevent accidents, and details are given optional practical making more enjoyable travel in relation to this occasion Mercedes car has launched a promotion for your class occasion Mercedes: take a used car Mercedes class A160 BlueEFFICIENCY vo from 15,500. In addition, financing the used car Mercedes with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, they give you the insurance a year for your occasion Mercedes car. This occasion Mercedes A class includes the following extras: metallic paint. 16 Rims? and 7 radio. Radio Audio CD 5.

TEMPOMAT. Power rear window. Folding mirrors electronically. It is an offer that gives us the quality of a great brand but with the price of a Mercedes car, with the guarantee that offers the House to their used Mercedes cars. As always, customers who purchase occasion Mercedes vehicles benefit from additional advantages by the time Star program, moreover, occasion cars Mercedes have preferential conditions in financing and insurance. In short, it’s a vehicle’s current design that doesn’t skimp on comfort and safety of passengers and now, with Mercedes occasion, at a very affordable price.

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