Through the use of screw blocks of the best European Manufacturer GHH-RAND (Germany), these compressors have a high efficiency (92%) and a high level (up to 40 000 h), which can significantly reduce the cost of obtaining compressed air. Two-stage system oil-separation ensures the oil content in the air up to 3 mg/m3. Use quick-detachable oil filter and separator reduces downtime during maintenance. The state of the air filter is controlled with a pollution sensor information output to the console upravleniya.Kompressornaya station with electric motor 5.5 … 15 kW, equipped with a receiver at 300 or 500 liters, dryer refrigerant from the dew point temperature 3 C and the block filter provides a clean dry air. In all series of screw compressors are installed VC Russified microprocessor control panel, which provides: air regulator: the load, the idle, the temporary shutdown, adjustment of pressure in the network control and maintenance of a working oil temperature, thermal protection, control of operating time at different modes of operation of the compressor; release of information about the technical services; protection against failure phases pi melting voltage, misuse and alternation of their asymmetry, automatic shutdown of compressor during emergency situations, a two-level protection against unauthorized access to the parameters of the compressor, storing information about the operating conditions and compressor outages in nonvolatile memory. Compressors Series VC does not require foundations, compact and have low noise levels, allowing you to abandon the central compressor and install compressors on-site consumption of compressed air.

Up to 70% energy consumed by the compressor, used for oil cooling air, which can be reused for heating. Compressors with an electric capacity of 110 … 160 kW are equipped with frequency converters, which allows you to accurately track the fluctuations in air flow by changing the rotational speed of the drive motor, and to minimize power consumption by eliminating idling. Designed for enterprise remote microprocessor MPU-4 allows us to manage 2.4 screw compressors, adjusting their required number and order of inclusion, and provides automatic control of air pressure in the pneumatic system. Screw compressors are used at pressures up to 1.5 MPa. At a pressure of 2.5 …

4.0 MPa and the required air volume is greater than 2 m3/min most effectively apply the following scheme: a series of screw compressor compresses the air to VC 1.0 … 1.3 MPa booster piston compressor (booster) – up to 2.5 … 4.0 MPa. JSC "Remez" delivers complete compressor system capacity of 2 m3/min and pressure of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.0 MPa, which include cleaning systems and air drying of oils, moisture and impurities. All equipment manufactured by JSC "Remez", certified by the CE standards and State Standard of Russia. Source: Company 'ILC' – high pressure compressors, air compressors, piston compressors installation, the price of compressors and compressor equipment

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