Reflection of the Pertaining to school Management What it is pertaining to school management? It is a dimension, an performance approach, a way and not an end in itself exactly, a time that the final objective of the management is the learning accomplishes and significant. Definition: freedom to learn and to teach, respecting the plurality of models and methods. Interaction: if it does not have interaction, does not have interpersonal relationship. Interaction is the situation where the behavior of a person influences in the behavior of another one. Bilateral and reciprocal. Empatia: it is the capacity of somebody to place themselves in the place of the other, to perceive its problems, difficulties and joys.

It is also a canal opened for the communication. Flexibility: it is the capacity to accept the point of view of the others, to adapt ace changes, to modify or to modify its proper plans of work. It has an objective intention for use of these definitions, that forms the tripod of the basement of the management of people and propitiates solutions of interpersonal conflicts. We know that the function of educational manager is dived in an ocean of burocracias where a well high percentage of managers does not search to develop abilities for practises of management of people. It can if it used arguments of the daily pertaining to school to display the responsibility level that must be assumed by the educational managers. Seeing that the school today to come across itself with a new well different reality of some decades behind. The use of new technologies, intervention politics, the inversion of values, the fall of the pertaining to school autonomy, and the necessity of constant intellectual update of the professionals of the education, is crucial points that the manager must search to develop abilities and abilities to construct strategies to lead in coherent and harmonic way with its team.

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