But to leave GM to go the puncture, and to save banks and financiers, who had profited horrors and now they would have to assume appositive made a mistake that had made, it has cabimento? An enormous ostentation is being made with the crisis of some few bilionrios millionaire and trilionrias companies United States, and world-wide. So efficient ostentation that the entire world agreed to saving them. With money of the people it is clearly. As if the crisis was a problem of all, and therefore all must be pledged to decide it. Trillions are being given for the banks and financiers. To decide the crisis of the rich ones certainly goes to decide the problem of the rich ones.

Without guaranteeing, that for excessively the things they do not go to get worse the same of skill. Nobody guarantees that this does not go to happen. By the way, giving money for the rich ones, it is certain that the things will be worse for excessively. They will be with less, evidently. when everything to blow up goes to have that I lock to support it. The rich ones will not be affected, will continue being rich, had been safe for them. The threat, the specter that haunts the planet currently, is that the things go to get worse very and, if the world not to help the rich ones.

goes exactly, to get worse sufficiently, with or without this aid. They tremble the ones that still have values and properties. But for who already it is the zero, in the deep one of the well, this does not make much difference. The well is gigantic. It always fits plus one. 2.2. Beginning of World-wide the Economic Crisis the American real estate market passed for a phase of expansion sped up soon after the crisis of the companies ' ' pontocom' ' , in 2001.

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