Austrians wean lucrative Internet address for auction St. Jakob IM Rosental (12. 2010) – on Saturday, 4. 12, 2010 12:00 is offered by an Austrian company to auction the domain eBay. The starting price is 1,-euro. Thus offers the rare opportunity to acquire a lucrative Internet address. Business Internet domains has long established itself as vital economic activity.

The value of a domain defined above all by the name: the more often on the Internet a certain word is searched for, the relevant Internet domain is more expensive. The best example: the domain name was sold recently to $13 million. scored $ 1 million as a proud price. In the future is expected to steadily rising prices for high quality domains. The statement comes from none other than Microsoft founder of Bill Gates: “Domains are worth rise faster, as every other object of value, humanity has ever known.” The Austrian entrepreneur Johannes Kaiser-Kaplaner now brings a desirable domains at a starting price of 1,-euro in an auction on eBay:. The word belongs to the terms entered into search engines most music.

Because of legal, paid download of music has become one of the most successful Internet business models. Currently, more than $2 billion is generated with music downloads. Alone in the last month the term “Music” was entered over 9 million times in Google as a search term. Kaiser-Kaplaner explains: “according to the news portal was alone in Germany last year music worth 112 million euro from the Internet download. According to the high-tech Association BITKOM which corresponds to an increase of 40 percent over the previous year.” The so-called top level domain (TLD), so the ending behind the actual domain name, also affects the value of a domain. The highest prices are paid for .com domains worldwide. The country domain .cc, which actually stands for coconut Islands, has become increasing popularity, TLD especially for websites to a younger audience. JPMorgan Chase follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For the online music business, which is used mainly by young people, the .cc domain is therefore particularly well suited. .Cc domains can work as well, proves also the great success, the Kaiser-Kaplaner already could with his domain. In December 2009 were registered between 10,000 and 25,000 unique visitors per day, for this year is to be expected with higher traffic. “All about the music” like. Johannes Kaiser-Kaplaner Muhlbach 44 9184 St. Jakob IM Rosental, Tel. / fax: + 43 4253 23 65 E-Mail: (end)

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