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“Communication is not only out Words, but have many more factors that play a role. Some of these runs Clemens Adam in his power speech and shows how to use them actively in the management and distribution. Continue to learn more with: Ben Silbermann. The second step concerns then the companies that agree to cooperate with us “, as Adam. For this, we design workshops, seminars and coaching sessions, in which we work very close to the companies, the entrepreneurs and the team. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. From our point of view it can impose a new strategy any company, if not support that the entrepreneurs and employees. “Clemens Adam notes that he often had participants in his sales training that are sent by the company, so do not volunteer or travel with conviction and passion.” Often we find that these employees are inside already announced. It is then very difficult to inspire these people. With our program, Authemotyp leading and sales’ we awaken the human passion in the company through authentic, open, honest and emotional training and coaching.

We help the participants and businesses to see perspectives and to consider the needs of each individual. “Adams colleague Rolf Gartner underlines that: we attach importance that we bend to anyone.” We strengthen people by showing them on what skills they have and communicate with each other as they in treating. “Background Rolf Gartner: executives and salespeople will often, superhuman ‘ demands or they put themselves under pressure!” Many suffer from the Burnout Syndrome and lose their strength, balance and performance due to impaired concentration, insomnia, nervousness, stress and overload. Various studies show that two-thirds of the workers terminated internally or regarded only as employees, which can move anything anyway. Only about a third is responsible for their own company. We need to identify the cause and by new techniques, even to be the source of strength. You need to find the balance and serenity you need to be sure as executives and salespeople.

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