The word "cement" comes from the German "zement" or Latin "caementum", which means gravel, broken stone. Cement has been known since ancient times. . The first variety of cement were gypsum and lime. The Egyptians and Greeks in the construction structures used cement. Some of the buildings of those times still remain, indicating a tremendous strength of cement and its timeless.

Dry cement – a mixture of loose, non-organic powdery substances. In contact with water, forms a mass of dry cement for construction. This mass quickly hardens and turns into stone. Cement – one of the main building materials. With the use of cement build houses of brick, concrete, foam blocks. Our cement Moscow just that. It is known that in ancient Rome, was also used cement.

These were the mortar with the addition of crushed volcanic rock. In Kievan Rus to the 17 th century in the mortar was added ceramic brick. This brick attached solutions ability to solidify and the resulting mixture was used the same cement Moscow. In 1825, cement was invented in the form in which it exists now. Cement – a material that bringeth construction on a new level of quality. Construction companies and factories for the production of cement is still conducting research and development material of higher quality. With the help of scientists cement is cheaper, greener and more durable. Using the latest scientific achievements in chemistry and construction, cement powder from primitive ancient turns into a high-tech mix, affordable and indispensable in the life of modern cities.

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