The success of direct sales CARLiN harvested inside and outside our borders is based on an element: quality. Without this key business volume generated 465 franchises that has this line at present, would be impossible to be achieved. Safe ascent, graduate in geography and history with a major in art history at the Complutense University, is who is at the head of this Department as well as the commercial management programme. She, along with his training team, consisting of 6 partners (Maria Castillo-Responsable Center of formation, Julio Sobrino-Concepto Carlin, Jose Ignacio Echeverria-Acuerdos from approved suppliers, Maria Jose Lopez – purchases through the OnLine store, Montse Munoz-manejo of the page Web of Carlin) make this goal possible. The policy tells us what is your work and know how that applies in Carlin thereon. -The Department directs is dynamic.

Evolves according to the needs of its franchisees or are advances to the? do same?, what is your operation? Contact and closeness with our franchisees is constant and one of our main sources of information when it comes to incorporate improvements or changes in the procedures or services. One of our main premises is personalization in dealing with all and each one of our franchises, and in my case is not an exception. In addition to the ongoing evaluation that involves daily contact with our franchisees, every year we make at least one internal audit and external, such audits are the best mechanisms to identify areas to improve. So far, the results have been unbeatable to being even felicitados by external auditing company. All the franchisees who are members of our group have access to the different departments of our central. On the other hand, the analysis and study of our sector is standing both nationally and internationally, is a sector that presents continuous innovations in products, strategies, systems, sales, etc and is essential to know them and apply in your case.

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