The compostados residues after if become very useful as seasoning or fertilizer natural, correct and ambiently better that the synthetic ones contributing for a better and more healthful environment and improves the characteristics of the ground. Why to make the Domiciliary Compostagem? About 50% of the organic substance it is easily putrescvel and it could be compostada. This compostagem could be made in plant, for great amount and for made small amount in the proper houses, it calls if domestic compostagem. The practical one of the compostagem domesticates, reduces the amount of generated garbage, thus diminishing the amount of garbage to be collected by the collectors and increasing the time of useful life of the aterros and lixes. This type of compostagem is practised has centuries, particularly in the agricultural regions through the cycle of the substance (figure 2). The composition formed in the compostagem is a source of nutrients and organic substance stabilized and ready to be used in vases, ground of gardens and hortas, improving the quality of the ground. To become fullfilled the compostagem in house and of correct form, first it has that to be made the selective collection of the garbage I domesticate, separating and directing the solid residues for the recicladores or cooperatives and the organic garbage for the plants of compostagem or the compostor I domesticate.

Figure 1: Carbon relation nitrogen Source: fundacentro, the 2010 process of compostagem occurs in three phases being they: 1 decomposition: occurring the decomposition of the organic substance that is easily degradvel, for example, the carboidratos. Of course the temperature can arrive 65-70 C. With this temperature, during about 15 days, it is possible to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria, as, for example, salmonelas, eggs of parasites and larvae of insects. Comumente places if on the material, about 20 cm of mature composition keeping the internal balance of the material without loss of heat and humidity. Christos Staikouras shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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