If the shape is one of these citizens a good day passes to State and its neighbors rely on that he undertakes the excesses contracivilizatorios in which they may incur, fulfilling duties but also rights to exercise (which speaks of contractual consciousness), then we’ll talk about democracy, of course, always with the risk of what can lead to the fact of relying party own others rectory. (We already know the abuses of the democracies, which degenerate into asoladoras Brotherhood of peoples). And when the citizen, full consciousness, joins the State through their multiple social expressions (groups, municipalities, organizations, etc.), derives a concept of the greater elevation at the deontological level: stewardship. State and citizen in the apparatus of power. We will talk of socialism and, by extension, a society highly conscious that their quality and ability to own morales not only will depend on the system of Government that is likewise given, but his own destiny as civilizante construction. In this way there is the probability always that the world is a constant revolution humanist, of positive perpetual growth, guided by men for men; and, for this reason, there is always the probability that State subsides, decrease or overtaken by the political conscience of its citizens now executors. By this manner, we will say that socialism is not static lyrics or eternal contract signed; It is a dynamic humanist system activated, exploration and initial social concatenation and final and permanent change (but a static change, focused on the man). Search rehearsed by a high consciousness of men in action, giving Government and destination.

State exercised and registered by citizens. Final reflection that will serve to return to the point: man, the citizen, the individual, point where attacking problems such as those mentioned at the beginning. The stems the whole, both the problem and the solution. Have already said: these figures United is what we know as social consciousness, which is nothing more than the concatenated personal judgment.

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