That soon he would be our ambassador of religions of African matrix. Today it has been reference of the young of place of fetichism of the Piau and the world afro. In the Mount Castle, in the 20 of November, a homage is celebrated in the community Zumbi of the Palmares, between friends, this party articulated for Airton and Salom with support of several quilombolas. Parallel to this manifestation, the group of Theater of the Mount Castle has the tradition to include in its cast diverse black artists. The presentations of the passion of Christ have been a phenomenon for the good theater sacro in the capital. Generally led For Ribinha, Socorro and Sulica.

After some meeting between diverse leaderships of the negritude, the black colleges student if articulate as group of reflection of the black culture with support of Ruimar, Solimar, Francis (African) and Lucineide Barrros, establish the Ifarad in 1995, the UFPI, creating a department to study on the movement quilombola of the Piau and to include the African students in its coordination. At this time they had counted on support of Artemisa, young sociology student, militant warrior, who gave its contribution in the Forum of black entities. Currently in the half academic they stimulate for the research in the quilombos of the Piaui and creation of after-graduation and research on africanidade and afrosdescendencia. This university movement created groups of study with partnership with the Cecun, Center of Black Culture. Also they had participated of the meeting of black colleges student of Brazil.

The Mimb receives visits periodic and if quilombo becomes piauiense reference for one studies. Other communities quilombolas are visited by the Infarad group. Ruimar visits with Frei Fernncio eyes d' water of the black color in Esperantina and makes one of first sets of documents on musics and traditions quilombolas, beyond visiting a farm overthrown for quilombo.

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