The acufenos are the perception of hummings in the ears or in the head and it is possible to be divided in acufenos subjective objectives and. First they talk about to the perception of real sounds caused by the vibration or pressure of the sanguineous flow in the capillaries and arteries of the cochlea (or snail). In this case, not only the patient can feel sounds. The specialistic doctor when he realises study to him and is it examinee, also can orlos. The second type of acufenos, the subjective ones, they talk about to the false perception of a sound brought about by the auditory neurotransmitters without an external stimulus exists. In this case, the acufenos are only listened to by the patient, and they are become serious when the surroundings are in silence.

So many possible causes of acufenos exist as treatments to alleviate them. These treatments can focus in curing the basic pathology (there is if it) or alleviating the sintomatolgico picture. For the correct election of the best treatment for each case, it is fundamental that the patient describes in detail which are characteristics of its symptoms. This way the specialist will be able to identify the basic cause or disease and to lead itself to eliminate it if it is possible. Once cured the associate pathology it is probable that the hummings tend to disappear, but this not always is so thus. Often, even knowing the causes acufenos and being them tried, the acufeno continues.

Between the causes of more common subjective acufenos we can mention: losses of hearing by acoustic trauma, hipoacusia, otosclerosis, paracusia, infections ticas, disease of Mnire, traumatism of skull, anacusia, some types of tumors, drug presbiacusia, consumption certain; like the used ones for chemotherapy, some antibiotics, diurticos and analgesic; dental diseases, timpnica perforation, barotrauma, obstruction by earwax, etc. For the case of the acufenos objectives, the most common causes are: Tube of abierta Eustaquio, idiopticos spasms of the estapedial muscle, tumoraciones of the base of skull or temporary bone, mioclonus of palate, prominent jugular bulb, etc. They are many and very different the causes that can cause acufenos, which it is come off exist so many treatments. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.

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