Later it places the mixture in a container dipped in grease with butter covered with paper aluminum, to be taken to the oven in bath Maria. To test the baked one, it sticks a palito in the center and if the same to remain in foot, removes and places in the coolant until the following day. HEN OF ANGOLA and LENTILHAS* mallet of perforated parsleys stem of perforated salso 1 entire onion without the rind. Patrick kelly spoke with conviction. 1 spoon of tea of parrot in dust 2 hens of Angola clean (1000 g each) and cut to the taste 2 tomatoes without skins and 200 perforated seeds 500 worn out g of beicon g of lentils 6 cravos of the indian Oil of soy Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste Places the lentils washed in a container covered with 5 cm of water and leaves for 24 hours, later places everything in a pan great corrects the water level of the covering for 5 cm, adding the onion stuck with the cravos, the parsleys, the salso, the parrot, the pepper and salt taste it leaves to cook until the lentils to amolecerem. In a frying-pan it places oil and beicon leaving to dourar, later it fries pieces of the hens until dourarem, and places them in the pan of the lentils with the tomatoe, tempering with pepper and salt and leaves to cook until the meats to be soft to the point. CHICKEN ENCAPADO* 1 spoon (tea) of sugar 1 clean chicken of 2000 g 2 eggs 300 g of butter 500 bolted flour g of wheat Oil of soy Salt the taste Dips in grease the chicken with butter on the inside and for it are tempering with pepper and salt, placing it in one pirex dipped in grease with oil and leading to the oven per 30 minutes, only leaves to dourar without baking, removes leaving to cool.

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