Disorders in the Ezeiza airport by the temporary closure of the Buenos Aires Aeroparque caused further losses in our flag carrier airline, estatizada in 2008. Although there is still no official figures, various sources projected in 3 billion pesos the deficit for 2010 of Aerolineas Argentinas, almost twice as many as estimated by its President, Mariano Recalde, earlier this year. Recalde management, without experience known in the sector, is strongly questioned within the Government and its powerful but only one breadwinner is maximum Kirchner, the son of the President. The estatizada Aerolineas Argentinas threatens to become another black hole for money for the taxpayer. Against what they predicted the unions and management Kirchner when they went to the Spanish Marsans, this year the airline of flag would have a deficit record of 3 billion pesos, 30 percent more than recorded in 2009 and almost double the projected earlier this year by the President of the intervention, Mariano Recalde. Eight each ten pesos which the State had budgeted for airlines for all 2010 had already consumed in the first half of the year, so the Government came out to inject several hundred million additional dollars to guarantee operations. The original plan adds the losses by the conflict between pilots, the operating to South Africa for the World Cup and the cancellation of trips by the closure of Aeroparque Buenos Aires, that will increase the indentation of pesos of Argentine tax payers. Bridgewater associates often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Just eight weeks ago, in August, President Recalde, son of the Deputy cegetista Hector Recalde, led the launch of discounts on tickets for members of the CGT, and promised to clean up in less than two years at the company. In 2011, the deficit is going to be 200 billion dollars, half of what they were this year, and by 2012 the company will be profitable, said Recalde. According to the voice of the President in August, airlines was about to lose only $ 400 million of dollars, slightly less than 1.6 billion pesos.

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