THE short novel: An approximation to the VERTIGO Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena.Autor of the novels LOS perpetual circles and the Pavilion of LA MANDRGORA (intervention in the Colloquium brief novel, convened by Sic editors, on 1 May 2004, the Bogota book fair) I. An approach to the structure of input we start from the fact that we do not have a definition incontrovertible of brief, or short novel, or Nouvelle in terms of the extension, since either they limited it to 80, 100, 120 or even 150 pages, without specifying the font size and the spaces between lines. Nobody has taught Chair nor has laid the foundations unamimes undisputed with regard to its extension, which in itself is a theoretical problem when it comes to academic definitions and at the time of design limits and establish his differences with the traditional novel. We believe that the difference with the long story is clearly defined, so that we consider both sterile the eternal truism of the pedagogical example that invoked before works such as El Viejo and the sea, the Colonel has No one you type or the Tracker, which comply with all the precepts of story, to have only one of each of the following elements that shape the theoretical structure of the story as genre: environment: it is unique, clearly defined and limited, with unitary environments that do not interact with other, narrow and low forcewhich transferred to the action, the characters or philosophy. In the novel, brief, or traditional, the environment is almost always varied, multiple, dotted with different and interrelated, framing created to give strength to other variables. The characters enter and leave different media with different and changing atmospheres. Characters: In the story there is a main character unique, strong, main and clearly identifiable. If there are secondary characters, they are alternative, somewhat wild, placed there for their service, to give strength to the story or relievancia to philosophy.

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