In recent years, thanks to the development of internet and due to the economic crisis and the shortage of jobs, many alternatives have emerged to make money from home. One of these alternatives are the paid surveys, that promise to give you some money for the simple and sympathetic effort answer questions or give your opinion. Although such alternatives initiative arose in English-speaking countries, it is not uncommon to have to answer surveys in Spanish, since not only is the second most important language in the world, but a language in strong expansion. As well, then we will provide some tips to answer surveys in Spanish and earn some money extra. Although it may seem a nonsense answer surveys, since it takes no effort and is even fun, information that is obtained with these is very valuable. It’s necessary information to create products and develop marketing strategies.

Finally, after this depends on the entire economic system, so you will need people who want to answer surveys in Spanish and in any other language, people who find in any corner of the planet. This means that to start to answer surveys in Spanish the only thing you have to do is a small search and you will find a long list of answers. Then to select the best opportunity? As well, there are several factors that you should look at when selecting the site in which you will do surveys. You have to make sure whether it is a reliable company information of interest to that of truth, and that’s why is willing to pay for it. A serious site with company information, a contact that you can call or write to ask questions and above all the comments of people who works with that company may give you an idea. Another important factor that you should take into consideration is the mode in which billed you the poll.

Many companies get paid per survey, but many others give you points or sweepstakes entries. Choose the correct survey according to what best suits you.

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