Blitzer is a free and legal system in the social network with EyeKiwi for iPhone FoxyTag to report speed camera with your mobile phone. Educate yourself with thoughts from bridgewater associates. It works worldwide and is a Community system, the data will be charged by the users themselves: to mark the locations of speed traps (“tagging”), and a sophisticated server software checks the data on their quality. In August 2008, developing its own Flash detector or the integration of radar sites in existing applications, such as GPS navigation systems, to enable z.B FoxyTag opened server access, to anyone. A few weeks later appeared the first candidate, TrackerTag, one for Symbian S60 phones (Nokia N95, Nokia Navigator)-optimized system. Now it seems to continue the spread of FoxyTag compatible applications with the first version for the iPhone. EyeKiwi is much easier to use than the original FoxyTag application. You just need to start EyeKiwi and the positions of all speed cameras are already downloaded in your district. An alarm sounds if you are approaching such a device. Through ongoing access to location data of about 22 000 radars offers EyeKiwi a clear advantage over similar applications in the competition. de / download.html

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