Regional differences in painting services, parades and gardening, Germany’s largest portal for the procurement of trade and services, identified the most popular craft categories. “” “Nationwide relocation, transport”, painter and Varnisher”stand and garden, landscape works” at the forefront. Also a repair of household appliances is very popular with the MyHammer members. In the technical areas is booming MyHammer and offers clients in any matching all federal States experts who conveniently and competently perform the requested services. Comparing the number of requested jobs, regional differences. Many parades are held currently in Bavaria.

After painting, this is the most popular category with currently over 400 ongoing orders. The Westphalia but also like to move here are the removal orders in third place but still prefer let their garden remodel or paint on their walls. Paint walls is also for the inhabitants of Baden-Wurttemberg a great theme: over 380 painter orders are there at present a one day can be viewed.

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Country holidays in Tuscany, a variety of kulinarinschen delights, culture and genuine Gastreundschaft of classic Tuscany is located in the Valdera, considered the picture book Tuscany with its medieval flair and fertile farmland. A holiday is the crowning glory of any Tuscany travel in the Valdera. The historical pride of the region concentrated in Volterra, the Etruscan metropolis and also oldest town in Tuscany. The old splendour of the city has lost nothing to their glory. Now, as then Volterra is famous for Alabaster, which is exported because of its easy workability of sculptors all over the world. Terriciola, a small medieval village, romantically nestled on a hill, from where you can enjoy unique views of the Valley of the era is not far from Volterra.

Here, the influential Florentine nobility Pitti once had his estate. Today, the estate owned by Alessandro Sgherri, which it understood with an architectural masterpiece, the seat of the noble family of one is to transform without using in the traditional structure of the building to a beautiful resort. The holiday farm in Tuscany offers many surprises for guests big and small. While the little ones on the estate can play safely and splashing in the pool, a journey of discovery through the life stands for something larger farm on the program. After many unforgettable impressions, square is used extensively on the huge sun terrace for recreation. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. Granny pleases every palate with traditional Tuscan peasant delicacies.

Not want the agritourism kidnapped his guests to the great masterpieces and scenic highlights of the region. The hotel offers the holiday-makers in quaint guest rooms and apartments. Hausherr Alessandro has a variety of special offers, which have to offer something for all budgets. Another highlight of an holiday in Tuscany is the Chianti Valley. Here, the hill country is dominated by Chianti vineyards. The Chianti region has become not only because of its famous wine all over the world made a name, but also considered the landscape art of Europe. A holiday in a farmhouse in the Chianti is the enjoyment of wine, excellent culinary cuisine and great masterpieces. Agathe Freudenstein Manetti

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Cooperation with managementcircle and ouWZ / current topics: leadership, team development, young executives, communication and innovation management Feldkirchen, 05 March 2009 this year has put together with international operators seminar topics NAVO Consulting also, the efficient competences for everyday work. To start, for example, in May 2009 in cooperation with managementcircle do in turbulent times”, which is headed by Nicole Truckenbrodt and Jurgen Ress. Training for young executives”, organized by the ouWZ, held in Vienna in April and June. Detailed information on all events see q = seminars. Learn, test, identify, strengthen, promote seminars and training deliver think Anstosse which often perish in everyday practice.

So is the individual benefits at the heart of the seminars offered by NAVO consulting for executives, team leader and project manager in 2009. The dates in Coming soon: Training for young executives (ouWZ) 1st-2nd. April 2009 / Vienna – module 1: leadership – communication – effective cooperation 3rd-4th June 2009 / Vienna – module 2: leadership and management instruments in practice what makes successful teams? (ouWZ) April 28-29, 2009 / Vienna: team formation: good cooperation and organization from the outset / team development: strengths focus / if it crackles: conflicts constructively edit / the leadership as a key player in the team / strategies for living team spirit run in turbulent times (managementcircle) 5-6 May 2009 / Munich, 18-19 June 2009 / Cologne 21-22 July 2009 / Frankfurt a. M.: leadership take the rudder firmly in the hand! / Communication clear commands keep on track! / Self leadership win as Captain you trust your crew! Proactive stress and time management (ouWZ) 7-8. July 2009 / Vienna: strengthen resistance to stress and stress competence / time wasters identify in a timely manner and actively control against / the interplay of sovereign self management, resources, and power efficiency communications, innovation management and trends (ouWZ) November 12-13, 2009 / Vienna: integrated marketing communications and advertising / orientated innovation management in the marketing / marketing trends / best practice about NAVO consulting: NAVO consulting is a systemic consultancy. The managing partner Nicole Truckenbrodt and Jurgen Ress lead an interdisciplinary team with over 12 experience in the advice and support of change processes and coherent projects.

The focus also in coaching, team development, and innovative learning architectures. Our customers are large companies and companies from the SME such as such as BMW AG, Brugg rohrsysteme AG, Metro Group, Merck Finck Treuhand AG, E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, HUGO BOSS AG, IKEA Germany GmbH & Co KG, KPMG Alps Treuhand GmbH, LGT Group, Linde AG, Porsche AG, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & co. KG and UCB Schwarz Pharma AG. For more information see contact: NAVO consulting, Brigitte Paul, marketing / PR, Hohenrainer Strasse 12, D-83620 Feldkirchen, telephone 0049 8063 207-222,, reply by E-mail) or fax + 49 80 63 207 221 () please send me the programs for the following seminars: () please send me more information on the following topics: your contact data:

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