More officials another chapter of expenditure in the regional budgets are the officials. The latest EPA this year reveals that 1.76 million public employees, 55% of which are in Spain, are hired by the regional governments. And the number is growing. In 2008 there were 1.55 million regional officials, 200,000 fewer. And that the powers of autonomous communities with respect to the State have not grown in these three years.

In its programme, the PP has not included trimming of staff, one of the recipes that Yes has raised the CEOE employers, although unions fear further wage cuts. Tiger Woods has plenty of information regarding this issue. The regions of PP employ 727,000 officials. Where it seems that there will be cuts is in the Executive structure of the communities. The aim is to cut all spending that is superfluous: less staff confidence and advisers, less public entities, fewer councils, they point out the PP. sources i.e., which are announced more cuts to those already made in 2010. All the regional Presidents and their advisers got off the salary between 10 and 15%.

Despite this, the emoluments of 17 regional executives this year will cost 11 million. There were also cuts in the section of advisors and senior officials. Even so, ten Governments of the PP over Asturias, have this budgeted year 126 million to pay these payroll. It has also reduced the number of public companies. Although here it is very difficult to know the exact number, the PP governments accounted for in their budgets 557 entities public, far from 2.386 had inventoried by the Ministry of economy and finance in July 2010 (latest data) in the 17 CC AA 28 councils are already popular elections of the 22-M also have changed the map of the provincial councils. If before the elections the PSOE ruled in PP in 15 and 20, now the popular have been made with 28 and the Socialists now only hold 6. The Councils in the hands of the PP managed budgets of 3.125 million. At the moment, nobody in the ranks of the PP has spoken delete these administrations. Source of the news: El PP promises cuts in eleven communities that have in their hands after the 22-M


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There are also still in Arabia reserved certain occupations are entire neighborhoods, such as the silversmith. The Klan-to individual companies is changed with increase of people in a city of tens of thousands. Thus, the differentiation became increasingly important. Thirty (?) Pages Meier in the Berlin industry book proves that historically the economic observation was becoming increasingly important for the commercial driving: Josef Schmied, blacksmith at the Trabrennbahn Dinslaken is a piece of sugar for a Fiirmenbezeichnung method: there are different types of sales. Sell by shipping/Internet-shop, business/office or the living room via the Internet. Source: John Denkinger.

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Keep in mind: the company name can rational-digital (passport format) or do the emotionally-analog: residential paradise to attract the different hemispheres of the brain. Today, we must also distinguish between: persons and capital companies, etc., as well as between craftsmanship and industry, etc. To still the conversion of problem solving and name came to brand: pace instead of paper handkerchief Maggi instead of Greens which must define who is not peek & Cloppenburg or C & A in fashion, in the network, also as name brand: Bogner fashion: premium quality for sports and leisure activities were examples from the pre-Internet time, name brands: Bosch larger companies are shifting from known personal to more anonymous name : MAX MuLLER, freight forwarding Schmidbauer Gruppe GmbH bahrt other logistics group anonymize themselves from the outset: EUROPCAR ADAC who once engaged in international transport and logistics AG cryptography, or a new password was looking for who knows the readable information: Wolfgang Schwalm (un encrypted) the half-read: HeLBa, W.

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It will be the first of the head of State of Panama, Martin Torrijos, who even though he was already in power in 2005, did not attend the of Mar del Plata to be able to preside in his country the patriotic festivities. There will be new debutantes, as Argentina, Cristina Fernandez; Ecuador, Rafael Correa; Peru, Alan Garcia; Chile, Michelle Bachelet; Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, and Bolivia, Evo Morales. It should be noted, that in practice, the topics that focus this Summit are not on the official program and would be the presence of Obama, the issue of the embargo against Cuba and the global financial crisis.Port Spain will be the venue of the first meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and their neighbours in South America, after years of relations marked by tension or simply by neglect. Under most conditions Sam Belinfante would agree. As he cites univision.com. the era in which United States acted unilaterally, in that dictated and not heard, that time is over () we are committed to working closely with our neighbours in the hemisphere, assured Joe Biden, Vice President of United States, recently.Obama plans port Spain meet separately with the leaders of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), the Caribbean and Central America.According to Jeffrey Davidow, Special Adviser to the U.S. President for this Summit, the leader will go to Trinidad to listen and not to propose.The Summit in Trinidad and Tobago is the first of continental scope which will attend the President of United States, Barack Obama, who took office last January. Indicates, that in front of him, you’ll have leaders who rely on a new dialogue with Washington, as it is the case of Brazil or Chile, and those who look with suspicion any American proposal and will demand the end to the blockade against Cuba, such as Venezuela or Nicaragua.Remember that President Obama recently announced the lifting of restrictions for travel of Cuban island and the sending of remittances and asked Havana to send a signal that there will be changes on the island, citing for example a release of political prisoners.According to the Secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, the Cuba issue is not present in the final Declaration of port Spain, something which several Latin American leaders considered to be inadmissible..

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