Piel De Toro

PIEL DE TORO Sibylline utilization is being done by the company of the legitimate powers (in accordance with the law), of the representatives of the workers. Just a real address that is to end with workers representation or in any case moderate or divide that disturbing potential for new policies which are conditioned in the 21st century. The social historical heritage of contemporary Spain is given by a fratricidal war and the breakdown of Spanish society, turning it into a mere social laboratory of what then reflect in Europe. Spain relegated for decades to a misinformation and social progress. It was used as a mere airport or the European backroom loading Bay. se for a more varied view. On the death of the dictatorship. Europe had forgotten in the ostracism to Spain as a nation, recalls having a moral burden and to a Chair in your market and common policy due to the skin of a bull. It is the time where the first industry and of the Spanish labour market informalization is raised. This destructuring is overshadowed with funds to start up another market. The services. +Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29′>Spurs contributes greatly to this topic. The skin of a bull thus becomes a producer of goods for leisure which joins Spain is disguising and selling its gastronomy and history, etc., etc.,.And hiding in the back room. The mass of skilled workers in industrial sectors. The construction is reborn not added value but as a new concept of the country of leisure. We are a warehouse for the new pensioner European class. Meanwhile, we slept in a pleasant dream of widespread corruptions. But the abundance of money by injecting causes easy credit .provocando that Spanish businessmen forget about the future and live your present speculator. Meanwhile the worker as a mere link in a fictitious chain is used as a productive product in the Spain of the 2000 temporary work is a fact and the loss of rights is a reality. But the abundance causes a gradual amnesia in Spanish citizens, forgotten their social status and living in a false bubble of well-being. Unions are forgotten as mere refuge to patron and injustices used socially as a fraudulent way, dark, hidden little representing the worker. Basically it means, if Spain live so well that we need these parasites who only live for them. But the citizen forgets that they are unique and legitimate democratic representatives of the rights of workers. It should not be forgotten that much Spanish entrepreneurship has never been at the Sorbonne, but that has come out of the speculation and they have used the worker without more right than silence. And a good example is the mining using the weaker party to the speculative interests. Representative of the hardest workers movements, are used as example a disorganization of the worker, creating a glib, syndicalist dichotomy = a troublemaker, again politically correct society uses the information in the social mirror reflecting the interests of its sponsors. But meanwhile it is forgotten the real situation in a country where labor rights are nothing more than a formality a tokenism for entrepreneurs speculators who bring more cheap labor. Relegating to the natives in the ostracism, the latter know their rights and some they represent or are active in trade unions. The information given to the citizen is a few representatives who take advantage of subsidies and labor privileges while others are forgotten. But it must be said that many workers have forgotten that they have legal representatives, another thing is individualism. Once the approach towards these representatives to be negative, already nobody is fiara. It should be noted that the legitimate fact covered by the Act to be syndicated, in our skin of a Bull is seen as a reactionary way, i.e. a few reds, and here part of an inheritance of a global laboratory which has been the war of Spain. This is to forget already in these times of economic and social uncertainty. Watch a mature and positive way of channelling of society.And not a distorted form of interest and speculation about that double Spain that the only thing that helps is to degeneration and radicalization of the society.

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