3 to develop optimal business – processes The concept of using a minimum of labor to achieve maximum results: to determine the structural units and their functions, development of management criteria, description of procedures and tree services. 2 It is important not to miss the tried and tested processes, which are the main intellectual property and companies, and competitive advantage. However, you should avoid common errors in simulation business – processes: – lack of decision-makers – in the simulation are taken unreasonable solutions – providing incomplete information – the lack of trained personnel. Another problem, rendering impact on the quality of the project, it may be that the proponent is not the company completely, and one of its subsidiaries. In this case the decision is in conformity with the hierarchy of divisions. Outcome such decisions may be non-targets companies and divisions, which reduces quality. I can say that in practice there are times when one unit automates a company – an integrator, and adjacent unit – other. As a result, the interaction of units may be impossible because of the banal mismatch facilities. 3 That is why in most international companies have a position it Director (CIO-Chief Information Officer) – this is a top manager who is responsible for proper implementation of business strategies through effective organization of information systems. It should be the primary in all projects from the client. 3 The CIOs are the following main responsibilities: – Monitoring of modeling business – processes – Analysis of the completeness and adequacy requirements for ip – developing technical specifications for ip – project management on implementation of ip – evaluation of customer satisfaction ip – the choice of the company – the integrator and the type of ip.

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