Car insurance a car insurance is mandatory in the German road traffic law. A car insurance policy serves the purpose of damage you have inflicted on other road users on the public roads to compensate financially. The car insurance offers discount scheme for low mileage, garage owners and purchasers of new vehicles. . A car insurance policy covers the following topics: * clarify the facts, * failure analysis and inspection * recourse of parties involved to balance and regulate * Review with possibly fake accidents * correspondence between the two insurance parties A car insurance policy consists of several insurance parts .

* Liability (Compulsory Insurance), and the following are concluded: * partial coverage with or without excess (voluntary Versichering) * Comprehensive, with or without excess (voluntary Versichering) The liability insurance: When a liability car insurance is called a compulsory that each operator needs to complete. This is guaranteed by law Sun You will pay for accident damage to other causes in traffic. The amount of the insurance amount is based on criteria such as type class, age and value of vehicle, mileage, garage parking and many other factors which are reflected in the different offerings of many different insurance groups. The third party insurance: the partial cover car insurance covers damage to your own car caused by external influences such as weather. This occurs in case of theft, fire, lightning, storm, hail or Wildunfall. The funding of the insurance portion is reflected by the level of the equity share. There are different levels.

The higher the co-payment is, the fewer, the partial cover car insurance. Comprehensive insurance is: The full comprehensive car insurance the most expensive, but as a convenient way to insure the vehicle operator. You will pay for all injuries, regardless of whether the accident or strange self-inflicted. However, it gives the Usually meaning only in cars that are not older than four years or when the vehicles are of great value such as rare vehicles (classic cars).

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People who have worked a lifetime wish, of course, also ensure a certain quality of life in old age. You should rely not only on the statutory pension insurance. It is recommended as soon as possible, make provisions and private. In recent years, the private pension insurance by the steady cuts in the state sector gained much importance. The pension system exists in many possible ways to enable all potential policyholders, the desired supply.

Important as is the clarification of voting capital, bonus, pension and pension guarantee. Services and of course prices are also very different. By means of the Riester pension is funded by the private Vorsoge legislature recently active. Private provision is funded. This means that your savings plus interest will be paid back to you. The payment can be used as one-time amount or in place of a lifelong pension. This is the reason why returns are higher for private provision than in the state.

The main types of private pension plans are: * private pension funds * Bank savings plans * investment funds play an important role in choosing the right pension insurance your: * Return requests * risk *, and personal preferences when choosing the right insurer can give you an insurance comparison be very helpful. Your care is assured in the future on the state pension, but it will not be able to keep your former life standard upright. Depends on personal circumstances, the state pension has now reached 50-70 percent of average income. It is recommended to cover the remaining 30 percent to 50 percent with the completion of a private pension scheme. In the event of death of the policyholder is paid to the accumulated pension capital to the person specified in the agreement. In this case, the granted allowances, and additional tax benefits will be recovered. This also applies to a payment after the payout phase.

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