Given the risks of harm posed by means of transport like cars and motorbikes, there are loan repair policies. these can develop more intelligently repair loans, which will be very useful to meet all the repairs to be carried to a car or motorcycle that has suffered an accident. make the image and the same performance of the machine will not allow a proper use of it and suggest the completion of repairs to continuous use and in most cases not have the money to meet all costs arising from repairs, so by having policies repair loans may meet the costs generated for repairs to the means of transport. So with the lending policies of repair, safely tell the granting of a loan of enough money to address repairs resulting from an accident. Before moving the issue forward, it is worth saying that the repair loan policies are currently more directed at cars, so both policies motorcycle repair loans are offered in very few insurance companies, because of the low costs involving the repair of the dwelling, which can be met easily. By having the coverage you get with the repair loan policies, the insured without any problem tell the advantage that the insurance company pay all the costs arising from repairs, which carry out payment through a loan, loan as a loan by a bank must be paid in some periods or quotas, which are managed primarily on a monthly basis, so within the repair loan policies can determine the conditions of payment the loan agreement between the parties, terms and amount of the fee amortized but there are some companies that offer policies with a repair loan terms established and can not be modified. Within the repair loan policies must take into account the need for coverage to take effect, as most agreed that having such protection is necessary in certain circumstances, such as: The repairs to be carried out in the middle transport and will be addressed through policies repair loans, would have made the event causing casualty or accident, since it applies the policy cover loans to repair faults that can produce the vehicle. That in the case of accident is there a third guilty or that the insured or who was driving the vehicle is to blame for the fact. May not be counted with any other type of policy or procurement of other coverage to address this situation.

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